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Why Choose Footprint Marketing?

Your business is at the heart of everything we do at Footprint Marketing Solutions. By thoroughly understanding your business practices, we can ensure that our marketing strategies will generate the best results. By establishing a relationship with our clients, we are able to create marketing strategies that are developed just for them to solve the unique problems they face. All of our marketing campaigns are tailored to meet a client's needs and solve their biggest marketing challenges.


It's our commitment to use the best practices and stay up-to-date on the latest digital marketing innovations. We are developing new marketing strategies every day to reach online users with the right message. We are always seeking innovative ways of bringing your business to an online audience, whether it is through paid advertising campaigns, search engine optimization, or social media marketing.


Transparency is a core value at our firm. Our clients appreciate our open and honest nature about our methods and know that we are always providing them with the best value. If you have questions about how your campaigns perform and how we can provide you with additional value, we are always available to answer them and guide you through the process.

About Us

Sharron Beckles-Walker
Founder & Principal
Strategic Digital Marketing Professional;
Omnichannel & Multichannel

Sharron Beckles-Walker created Footprint Marketing Solutions after 20 years of experience in the marketing industry. Having worked primarily in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and healthcare industries with top-tier companies, she gained expertise in maximizing marketing budgets to generate superior results.


Sharron prides herself in her ability to communicate with clients effectively, collaborate with them, and ensuring that she brings their vision to life. With an analytical mindset, she has a particular ability to identify your target audience, and uses her decades of experience to develop an innovative, sophisticated digital marketing strategy that guarantees results.


Described by clients as being personable, charismatic, and professional, Sharron works one-on-one with each client, prioritizing collaboration, trust, and creativity. Clients put their trust and faith in her to take creative control, and are always elated at the astounding results that Sharron’s strategies create.


Sharron’s mission with Footprint Marketing is to work only with the industry’s leading professionals to develop functional, effective websites and marketing strategies to help small businesses and entrepreneurs establish and grow their business. She takes pride in her work, and has become one of the premier marketing professionals available today.


Excellent customer service. Sharron worked with me to update my webpage and it was an excellent experience. She was patient, detailed, and very professional. I would highly recommend Footprint Marketing Solutions for any website development or design.”

Travis, 2021

Creative, stress-free work relationship and special accommodations.”

Choco  & Hershey Chandler , 2021

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“Sharron was responsive and followed my edits very well. I gave her a lot of creative control and it turned out nicely!”

“Sharron is excellent. She was responsive to my edits and had great suggestions for content.”

Elena, 2021

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“Amazing work! I'm not a fan of bright colors so I really relied on her experience and she did not fail me. She was also a great help with the copy on the website. I will be working with her again very soon!”

Amanda, 2021


Camp City NY
Teen Summer Extended Day Camp

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