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Stand Out From the Competition

Have you tried every marketing trick in the book, but still find yourself struggling to increase traffic and conversions? That’s because marketing is not one-size-fits-all. Your business is unique, and requires an equally unique marketing strategy to successfully attract and convert customers.


Our branding and marketing will help your business stand out from the competition. Your brand deserves the time and attention that is required to develop and implement successful marketing tools.

We will customize a service plan to suit your specific needs.

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Strategic Digital Marketing Plan

Our strategic digital marketing plan includes up to 5 hours of customized strategic planning for your business. During our meetings, we will evaluate the products and services that you offer, the business objectives you have, and define your brand mission, vision, and values. Next, we will conduct a comprehensive market assessment, develop a strategic marketing plan, provide advertising services, and determine how to market your business online and in social media channels to increase your revenue. The strategic marketing and advertising plan you receive from Footprint Market Solutions will feature two options, an all-in or a staggered approach, and will include your online website design and digital plan, along with a quote.


If you select Footprint Marketing Solutions as your digital marketing and advertising provider, we will waive or credit 50% of the Digital Marketing Plan fee.

Website Design & SEO

Just because your website looks great, doesn’t mean it is functional!

Our websites are designed for conversion using strategic designs and innovative search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. When you book our Website Design & SEO package, you will have the option to choose one of our three packages that best suits your needs.


All packages include a one-hour consultation to discuss the details of your project and to develop a customized plan to suit your needs.

*Custom add-on services are not included in the Standard or Premium packages.  E-commerce or online shopping websites, booking of services, events, custom forms, application of widgets, video channels, or other Footprint Marketing Services additional fees are required.*


You can expect your new website to be completed within 14 - 45 business days. The delivery timeframe is dependent on the type of website package (Standard, Premium, or eCommerce), the timely submission or deposit, and all required materials, creative design, project brief authorization for supporting the service agreement, and website reviews.


Let’s get started!

Website Design & SEO Standard Package

  • 3-5 total landing pages

  • The client will provide us with the website content

  • Content will be edited to improve style, grammar, and keywords

  • Standard search engine optimization (SEO)

    • Keywords

    • Google and Bing indexing

    • Optimized page titles, page descriptions, and image alt text

  • Client review of website mockup

  • Branding and business strategy development

  • Competitive analysis

  • Layout setup

  • Website responsive desktop and mobile design


Website Design & SEO
Premium Package

  • All services included in Standard Package

  • 4-7 total landing pages

  • 1 custom form

  • Website hosting - 1-year premium plan

  • Site account setup

  • Custom domain lease for 1 year

  • Online payment options (credit card or Paypal)

  • Business listing on sites such as Yelp, Google, and Thumbtack

Social Media Marketing & Management

When you sign on for our social media marketing, you will have the opportunity to choose between the following options:


  • Build and create a brand for two social media pages

  • Design 5 creative posts

  • Design 3 creative posts and 2 advertisements

  • Any combination of the above choices (up to a total of 5)


Our social media marketing content is ideal to use on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Google Shop, Google Ads, and more! Our team will manage and place ads for you to ensure that they generate optimal results.


Excludes the cost of:


  • Promotional advertisement budget

  • Ad placements

  • Budget for assessment of target audience, location, impressions,

  • Customizations provided during the consultation


We will offer a one-time discount for new clients who select us to provide ongoing marketing management. The discount will be applied for up to 6 months from the signing of the service agreement and is only valid for monthly website and social media management services.

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